The project INTEALE (INTernational Exchange on Adult Language Education) aimed at contributing to improving the quality, accessibility and attractiveness of adult language learning, in particular for adults from disadvantaged social groups, as languages are valuable skills on the labour market.

During the two-year project duration (August 2012 to July 2014), different practical activities at local and transnational level were carried out in order to allow adult learners and teachers to experience and evaluate the best practices in adult language learning from the five European organisations involved in the partnership. As a result, adult learners and teachers were able to conclude with a series of recommendations on how to improve adult language learning, in particular for adults from disadvantaged social groups.

Furthermore, project partners interconnected the project activities with their ongoing activities at local level, thus ensuring a widespread impact for the project results and their exploitation by other organisations involved in adult language learning.

Lifelong Learning Programme

As the flagship European Funding programme in the field of education and training, the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) enables individuals at all stages of their lives to pursue stimulating learning opportunities across Europe. It is an umbrella programme integrating various educational and training initiatives. LLP is divided in four sectorial sub programmes and four so called 'transversal' programmes.

Grundtvig Learning Partnership

Grundtvig learning partnerships enable organisations working in the field of adult learning to work together on topics of common interest. A particular focus is on enabling smaller organisations to take part. Overall, the projects funded should contribute to a better understanding of areas of common interest in adult learning, as well as helping to increase awareness of the varied cultural, social and economic situations across Europe. 

European Shared Treasure

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